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Recording solo cello for film, television, music albums, and video games, Roland has recently contributed to noteworthy projects such as the drama series "Colibri," the documentary "King Otto," and the video game, "WILDMENDER."

With a robust setup and extensive experience with DAW's, mics, click tracks, and navigating the demanding workflows of the film industry, Roland delivers stunning cello tracks remotely. He frequently records for composers in NYC, LA, Toronto, and Vancouver.

His studio is equiped to record exceptional stereo quality in 44.1kHz, 48kHz, or 96kHz. Roland's preferred recording mics include the Mojave MA 300 and an AEA r88a, complemented by a pair of Rode M5 microphones all routed through an Apollo x4 interface.

Beyond remote recordings, Roland is available for in person sessions with studios in the greater Toronto area.

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CONTACT ME about your project! Pricing will vary depending on the scope and demands of your project. I want your music to sound great, and I will work with you until we're both satisfied!


Examples of Studio Recordings

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