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Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have been transitioning my career from being live performance based, to being a remote recording artist. I have spent countless hours fine tuning my recording process in order to produce the best sounding recordings.

My home studio setup allows me to record excellent stereo quality in 44.1kHz, 48kHz, or 96kHz. I built my own soundproof recording studio in my home; and have designed it to capture clean recorded cello. I primarily use a Mojave MA 300 and an AEA r88a combined with a pair of Rode M5 microphones routed through an

Apollo x4 into my DAW.


While I primarily will record from home, I am willing to do in person sessions with studios in the Vancouver region. My setup allows me to track great sounding cello for composers, film directors, soundtracks, albums and singer/songwriters quickly and efficiently.


Some of my most recent music video releases have been arranged by yours truly. While I consider myself primarily a cellist and recording artist, I am willing to arrange a cello part as needed. Alternatively, I can suggest composers in NYC & LA who would be more than up to the task of writing an arrangement.

CONTACT ME about your project! We can discuss pricing based off the length of your musical piece and the number of layers of cello used. I want your music to sound great, and I want to work with you until we’ve achieved something we will both be proud of!


Examples of Studio Recordings

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